I'm preparing an assignment which requires two MS Project files to be submitted, containing WBS/GANTT charts for a fictional project, and a textual explanation of what I did and why, which.

(All the files will be submitted electronically, zipped.)

For the assignment, I'm required to include referencing, "APA style".

So I figure I need to reference the attached MS Project files from within my explanation document.

Is there a proper way to reference data files using APA style?

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Have a look at the following web site for examples on how to reference other media in APA format.

APA Referencing Guide

In particular, look at the links, Other electronic media and Audiovisual and other media.

Alternatively, have a look at the following word document for examples on how to cite data using the APA reference style.

Citing online Census and statistical data in APA format

Hope this helps.

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