I recently wrote an application to get into a different program for high school. Now I feel like I could have done better with being more formal and get my message across that this program is suitable for me.

How would you go about writing a good application that is formal and convincing? Who would you direct the application for?

Any advice on writing a good application?

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    This is sort of primarily-opinion based.
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    @Sweet_Cherry can you be more specific? Not so specific that it makes the question into one only useful to you, but enough to give us context. Is this a high school program? college program? work program? something else? What is the writing portion? Are you writing a personal essay, or perhaps a discussion of your previous work experience? Thanks.
    – Cyn
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it would be a better fit on Workplace.SE (or Academia.SE, if it's an academic job/programme application). There is much more relevant expertise on those sites!
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    @user57423 The fact that a question might also be on topic on another SE does not by itself make it off topic here. Nor does the fact that "there's information about this on the web". In fact, if there's information about this on the web, you can use this information to write an informative answer. Commented Dec 20, 2018 at 10:20
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    I didn't VTC at first, I just posted my comment asking for more information. I think the question can be a good one. But the OP hasn't edited it or responded, so I'll VTC now. If the OP edits later, I'll consider reopening.
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This is basically selling oneself. So you have to show the advantages of your application (learnt skills, professional experiences, hobbies that are related to writing...) You should create some kind of funnel, that shows that you are the perfect match for this job by tailoring your text around this specific job offer (showing that you took time to read about the job offer and the company. Sometimes there is informations about the company's culture so you can also comment around that).

And express your motivation and enthusiasm !

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