I would like to describe the beautiful brown eyes of a character, much like a real-life friend of mine. Are there good techniques for describing eyes? How does one go about describing eyes in writing?

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Without us seeing any particular shade of eyes, it will be pretty hard to help you! "Brown" is pretty generic. Find something (perhaps personal to you) that the shade reminds you of; the more poetic the better.

Another typical way out of this is to avoid any clinicality in describing a shade or shape, and talk about how the eyes make another character feel emotionally, what you know or imagine these brown eyes have seen, the experiences of your character (or friend) and their beautiful personality through the metaphor of what they have seen and done.

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There's various ways one can do this, but in contemporary settings, chocolate is a decent simile to compare them to. Copper or burnished metal also works, or simply describe them as beautiful brown eyes. Maybe the shape is unusual, or the glimmer in them. Colour alone is so limiting when it comes to the beauty of eyes. Think outside the box.

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