What if I use an item from another story in my story? For example, in my story there is a metal called adamantium which obviously came from the story of Wolverine.

Can it be considered plagiarism?

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  • Diamantium, Edamamium, Defiantium, Grudgiulitum, Dreadfultium, Unillenium, Unknovrium... The possibilities are infinite. Don't get stuck with the trend. – NofP Dec 8 at 8:30
  • ad·a·mant (noun, ARCHAIC) a legendary rock or mineral to which many, often contradictory, properties were attributed, formerly associated with diamond or lodestone. It's historical. If you said "unobtanium", that's plagiarism, but using a common legendary source that other stories have used is not plagiarism unless you specifically refer to it as that stuff Wolverine's claws are made of.... – Paul Hodges yesterday

The short answer is yes. And what's more you will be facing hefty and quick legal action from Marvel/Disney for utilizing their IP.

Although if just using this one element, it's not technically plagiarism, it is copyright infringement, and that's potentially a lot more expensive.

That is because you are taking an original creation and stealing it for your work. It would be the same if you were to incorporate Anduril or Superman or Kryptonite, or X-Wings.

What you can use, however, is adamantine - which is a real world mineral with a Mohs rating of 9 (in comparison, hardened steel has a Mohs rating of 7.5)

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    Actually, it's probably safe to use adamantium, since its first use was not in Marvel Comics, but in a story in 1941 Astounding Science Fiction by Malcolm Jameson, if it wasn't used earlier. So Marvel/Disney won't be able to sue you. And as this answer says, it's not plagiarism. – Peter Shor 2 days ago
  • @PeterShor - good catch, Disney are notorious for their aggressive approach to perceived IP infringements, however, and have often used the threat of expensive legal proceedings even when they could potentially lose. They can absorb the costs a lot better than some poor author – Thomo 2 days ago

I would say your pretty safe using the word Adamantium. Specially since you have Adamantine (real) and Adamantite (fictional) as metals all derived from the word Adamant. All 3 words could be switched around without too much effect.

The word Adamantium also appears in Warhammer and Maplestory which are pretty large games.

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