Who is responsible if copyright-infringed material produced by third party (and who claims that this work is his copyright) is published in a book with the consent of the publisher and the authors; believing that the copyright is as claimed by the third party, and published as such in the book?

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    This is not a hypothetical situation. There are enough details here that you are asking for legal advice, and YMMV depending on your country's copyright laws, and other details that we cannot know, like the ubiquity of Book Z as a primary source in the author's research. If he gave Book Z to the artist and said "I need this diagram". Also I don't see why the artist is claiming copyright if it was work-for-hire. These are issues for a judge to investigate. – wetcircuit Dec 5 at 17:46
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    Yeah, this is way too specific. The question itself is fine. We've had other copyright questions and, as long as it's not a duplicate, I think it would be okay if changed just to the responsibility part. Add your country if you can. – Cyn Dec 5 at 18:50
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    Peter, you are asking two separate questions. They should be asked as two separate questions. Also, remember we are not lawyers. Someone here might have some relevant knowledge, but we cannot substitute proper legal advice. – Galastel Dec 7 at 8:30
  • Ok I reworded and removed the second question. Just opinions I know... – Peter Smith 2 days ago
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    I edited it slightly for clarity and voted to reopen. It's a legit question and this wording is much better. I wish I knew the answer... – Cyn 2 days ago

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