To put it into perspective, separating a scene that involves two completely different characters and two completely different settings.

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    I was simply going to say: start a new chapter. Sometimes it really is that easy. But Raddevus gave some great ideas which may also work for you. Nov 5 '18 at 3:26

Transitions can be done properly in a number of ways. However, the first thing you need to do is:

Decide the Relationship Between Scenes

  1. Are the two scenes at the same location and time except the second scene is from another character's viewpoint?
  2. Are the two scenes following entirely different characters?
  3. Are the two scenes following the same ViewPoint character, except at a new location / time?
  4. Are the scenes actually just short character / plot vignettes?

A Few Scene Transitions

  • If you are separating scenes only slightly by jumping to another viewpoint character you can do something as simple as make a break which includes a break symbol (series of asterisks) and a couple of white-space lines and then start with the other scene.
  • If you are changing location and time you may want a chapter transition. Just start writing the next chapter (scene).

Transitions In Time With Same Character

If you're just trying to say the same viewpoint character is at one place and then another later you can keep it simple.

Let's say viewpoint character was at a friends house and you want to show him at home.

Later, Charlie unlocked his door and stumbled into his dark apartment.

Transition To Another Viewpoint Character

Jane couldn't believe Charlie stormed out like that. He just walked out in the middle of the conversation.

Transition Between Vignettes

"What're you talking about, Gwen," Charlie asked. "Are you crazy or something?" He grabbed the doorknob and ripped the door open, stepped thru and slammed it behind him.


Jane blinked at the sound of the door slamming. "He's a bit dramatic, right," Jane asked. Gwen smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Readers are smart and if you simply make your writing clear they will figure out you've transitioned from one place and time to another, which affords many opportunities for handling transitions.

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