A vampire has been sleeping under a castle in Austria for centuries. But now the castle became a tourist attraction. It's really annoying. And the taste of the blood of the people on the region didn't change. Why would he come to Brazil?

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He wouldn´t...but if you really must:

  • I guess you could have him hanker for exotic blood cocktails and dancing the samba.
  • Some of the tourists visiting the caste were brasileros and tasted so good.
  • He gets married and takes a blood-moon trip to Rio.
  • The last occupants of the castle, his "family", were Nazi Austrian officers who fled to the Amazon jungle to escape justice...
  • He is tired of Austrian prudeness and wants to wear a man´s thongs, a string bikini with pouch and flaunt that he is a stiff. :)

This took me all of 2 minutes....there could be so many reasons, but the premise seems dumb and is reminiscent of Bella´s Twightlight honeymoon.

  • #1 is best. He hears a song on the radio and can't get that crazy rhythm out of his system. He takes dancing lessons and heads to Rio.
    – wetcircuit
    Sep 23 '18 at 20:38

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