When I was in my first year of M.SC. A professor told me to work on a project that the main data were belong to him. He had sent me a early draft and told me to translate it to english so I did along with recalculations and adding some stuff to paper. We have sent the article to a journal and got published there. But a year later the journal contact me because of a duplication base on a conference proceeding with the professor name and another student which was for 3 years before this. As off this moment the journal retracted the article, they didnt charge me guilty at all in my university but they fired the prof because he had multiple other misconducts before that. Is this end of my academic career? I am trying to apply for phd, does this means no one ever gonna accept me? What should I do? Im really overthinking this, I am really scared that no where accepts me for future studies. What should I do when I was not even guilty but yet there have been a retraction based on this issue?

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    This is way outside my expertise, but I would ask your university to acquire a letter of apology to you from the professor, stating clearly that you were, at the time of publication, unaware of any misconduct associated with the research. If the professor will not provide such a letter, in response to the university's official request, then have the university craft a letter, signed by the university's senior staff and the appropriate department head, absolving you of guilt on the matter of the misconduct. Armed with either letter, you should be okay. Jul 25, 2018 at 22:20
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