I would like to write an ebook in which I ask people to share their experiences in a specific topic. Where can I find a good release for these people to sign? Do I have to pay the interviewee? Should there be verbiage regarding pay in the release?

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There are many sample release forms available. They are routinely used by bodies that are experienced in this matter, such as universities and the press. Here's a selection of forms for you to look over:

You will need to alter the above to suit your needs.

Here's a little advice from the Copyright and Fair Use section of the Stanford University Libraries website:

... a written interview release can be useful. It can help avoid lawsuits for libel, invasion of privacy, or even copyright infringement (since the speaker’s words may be copyrightable). It’s wise to obtain a signed release if the interview is lengthy, will be reprinted verbatim (for example, in a question and answer format), or if the subject matter of the interview is controversial.

As for payment: no, don't offer it. As this website explains (Myth: You Have To Pay The Other Person Money To Do An Interview With You) there are other benefits for both parties aside from money, so find people to interview who can be persuaded of those benefits.

Good luck with your project.

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