I'm writing a plot for a tabletop game, and one of my players is running a character who was taken from her home at a very young age. (it's her earliest memory) She was raised from that point on by an uncle she did not (and still does not) like who works for a mafia-like criminal organization. She joined up, too, once she was old enough. At the time of our plot, she's in her early 20s and hopes to gain a position of power in the organization. She knows nothing about her biological parents, but thinks they knew about (or at least suspected) her uncle's involvement in crime, and did not approve of his work. I'd like to bring her parents into the story at some point for a plot twist or side plot, but I'm drawing a complete blank as far as interesting ideas go. Please help!

Additional info about the game: The game takes place in the mid-90's and involves sometimes-friendly monsters. (Some are pets, some are killers) The criminal organization makes money by illegally catching and selling the monsters, and occasionally by plain old petty theft. Many people keep pet monsters for personal protection.

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Maybe she was taken as leverage because her parents were in debt to the criminal org. Maybe she discovers some paperwork revealing that. Even better if her current work for the org is somehow related to what caused her to be taken.


One idea is to give her some kind of medical condition that can only be cured by one or the other of her biological parents. In order to survive, she must receive blood, a transplant, or something else from either her mother or father.

This can be something that she seeks on her own, or, if she's already established herself as important to the organization, something that the leadership decides is necessary and arranges on her behalf.

If the leadership does it on her behalf, they could still keep her parentage a secret. (Simply telling her that they've found somebody compatible—or that they've identified a medical procedure that will help her.) It could be some inadvertent slip from a nurse or doctor at the hospital, a chance encounter with a parent, or something else that finally makes her aware of the relationship.

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