I need example and usage of the following.

  • "but" - I seen it used but without comma, but after comma, and new sentence with But. What's the proper way to use it.
  • "However" - I seen it used start of a sentence and in middle of sentence with commas like "It's like this, however, It's also like that..." - What is the correct usage?
  • I want to know how are ";" is used.
  • I want to know how are "..." is used.
  • Quotes. I seen that periods are wrapped into the quotations like this "Example." and not outside of the quotes like "This". Which is the proper usage? What else comes at the end and is wrapped by quotations? How to start a new sentence when in a situation like the example.
  • I want to learn of the proper usage of hyphen i.e. "-" in a sentence.
  • Do all lists go like this "a, b, c, d, and e" or "a, b, c, d and e" - which is appropriate?

I guess that covers all my doubts with writing conventions. I'll be grateful to anyone who can help.


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