Which internet platforms can be used to write something like a diary? I am writing on blogger.com, and write at all because:

  • I really enjoy writing, since I can do this for hours
  • I like to quickly remind myself of what I have been doing in the recent time, during writing

I was writing with my real name and surname some time ago, but I decided to write more anonymously. Currently no one reads my blog.

Can I ask for brief intersection of writing platforms? Do I have to write in libre office, blogger or where is a good place?

Generally I would like someone to read this.


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"Best", of course, is subjective. However, here are a couple of suggestions.

https://wordpress.com/ is another well known blogging site where users can discover other blogs to read and follow.

https://www.deviantart.com/ has a journal feature, and a surprisingly healthy literature community.

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