I received an email for this today. First of all, is it legit or is it a scam of some kind? How does it work? That is, what are you writing for - a web site, a paper publication? Who decides what you'll write?

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    Just want to leave this article here because it lists a lot of the negative feedback. And I want to comment that I checked out what I could find, too - nothing to add to this answer, except for my opinion: "Stay away from this scam." Also, being contacted is always a bad sign. If they were really a good website, why would they send out masses of e-mails to people who don't already know about them and ask them to subscribe to something?
    – Secespitus
    Mar 22, 2018 at 17:52

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From what I can see, you spend money to join a "club" that provides help for your writing (including a magazine).

Here are several problems with the company:

First, there's the fact that the website has this extreme emphasis on the words FREE, RICH, and MONEY (emphasis not added).

Second, this article goes on a long rant against the website.

Third, the emphasis on secrecy is another flag.

Fourth, I highly doubt that the company cares about your writing and only cares about your money being in their pocket.

Fifth, check out the suspicion sign up page.

I would stay away from The Barefoot Writer. They might be helpful, but you can probably find better material at a better price without all the constant badgering for money. I think it is a perfectly legal scam. As in they aren't breaking the law, but they are basically cheating you.

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