I heard a few years back that in order to self-publish erotica there, you needed an ISBN. Is that still true? Or is an ASIN fine?

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  • 1. You need no ISBN to publish on KDP. I have an erotic book there without one. 2. I think you need to consult Amazon on that.
    – user26838
    Sep 27, 2017 at 18:08
  • Apparently someone wrote a book about that - amazon.com/…
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    Mar 27, 2018 at 9:41
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In answer to what book identifiers are required for Amazon Marketplace;

There are no special rules by genre, erotica follows the same rules as classic fiction.

Neither ASIN nor ISBN can be changed, once assigned this is fixed.

Paperback ISBNs

KDP can provide you with a free ISBN to publish your paperback. We'll also automatically register your ISBN information with BooksInPrint.com®. This a global database of print books maintained by Bowker (the U.S. ISBN agency) and consulted by publishers, libraries, and booksellers.

The “Publisher” field on your paperback's Amazon detail page will read "Independently published." This free ISBN can only be used on KDP for distribution to Amazon and its distribution partners. It cannot be used with another publisher or self-publishing service.

It's important to some authors to provide their own ISBN because it allows them to choose their book's imprint of record. An imprint is a trade name that a publishing company uses to publish a work. If you use your own ISBN to publish your paperback, you'll be prompted to enter the imprint name as well. The imprint you enter must match either the imprint or publisher name that appears in Bowker (the U.S. ISBN agency).


Each ebook can have a single ASIN, ISBN-10 and/or ISBN-13. The ASIN is only used on Amazon. The ISBNs will be common across all publishing websites, bookstores and libraries. The ASIN will be common across ebook, paperback and hardcover on Amazon only. A new ISBN is needed for each version of the book. See example ebook;

ISBN-10: 0440863295 for ebook, 0385405081 for hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-0440863298 for ebook, 978-0385405089 for hardcover


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