Without regard to genre, is there a commonly accepted term for the various ways that book content can be presented?

For instance, consider the following (an incomplete list):

  • Dialogue
  • Diaries
  • Letters
  • Case studies
  • Examples
  • Analogies
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Illustrations
  • Foldouts
  • Popups
  • Scratch 'n' sniffs

As best I can tell, the terms "literary device" and "narrative device" are used to describe plot, theme, PoV, voice, and such and do not include the actual presentations. Of course I could use the word "presentations" as a collective term, or perhaps "exhibits", but is there already an accepted term in the book world?

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I believe there isn't really a set term for what you're describing, simply because different types of "presentations"--as you call them--are mostly exceptions, and not the norm :)

You could try giving a short explanation, such as, "This book was written in the form of a collection of letters," to get your point across.

Hope this helps!

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