I was wondering if there is any advantage in the conversion process from Word to Kindle format if I create the Word document with any one particular page size? Would an original manuscript, created as a Word Document, with pages sized to 6" x 9" garner the same results as manuscript created with an 8" x 10" layout?

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    Kindle resize and repaginates the text of the fly depending on the device and the font size you choose so I doubt that the page layout you choose in Word will make any difference at all in the conversion to Kindle format.
    – user16226
    Mar 9 '17 at 18:12
  • What @MarkBaker meant is that Kindle .mobi eBook format (much like Apple's .epub) treat the text of the eBook as a continuous flow. Your choice of formatting (besides basic italic/bold etc.) matters little, and the eBook will re-paginate itself if the reader decides to change the font face or size.
    – Lew
    Mar 10 '17 at 15:03

Try it out. If you download the calibre ebook management program, you can convert either format to kindle format. Then transfer it to your kindle either directly or by email and see what it looks like.

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