I have the following sentence that I am thinking of using as headline `

Shop online. Locally.


However, I am not sure if this headline connects well with it sub-headline.

Pick up the goods you can't get anywhere else in the places you go everyday.

Hence, my question is, is the headline clear, grammar-free, persuasive, and does it connect well with its follow-up sentence, the subheadline.

Thanks in advance, and for any clarification, let me know.

  • A headline is attractive, not persuasive Dec 3, 2016 at 20:43

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Yes, this is really good. If I were to see this headline, I'd like it. It's good because it tells me what it's about - online shopping - before going into the subheading gives me a bit of extra detail. Your grammar is absolutely fine. I wouldn't call this persuasive though, as headlines aren't meant to persuade, they are made to attract.

Considering you asked in the title how to write a short and good headline, I'd like to point this out. Humans love groups of three, it's a magic number in the world of advertising. I bet if you watched a random advert you'd see some triadic structure (use of that magic number three). To use triadic structure and improve your headline, you could try something like:

Shop online. Quickly. Easily.

This also uses two adverbs with connotations of convenience.

I hope this helped you :)

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