I'm writing a paper for IEEE using Microsoft office Word 2013. I want to use dynamic reference which is available in this version of Word. In a place of my article the references are similar to:

bla bla [1,2,3,4,5]

How can I convert it to some thing like [1]-[5] without losing dynamic ability? In other words I do not want to convert my references to static text.


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According to this page on word.tips.net, this is not possible in Word.

There is instead a suggestion to hide the middle references and add a dash:

One solution is to select the intermediate references in the range, format them as hidden text, and then add a dash. For instance, you could select ",4,5," from the references "3,4,5,6", format the selection as hidden text, and then add a dash to provide the result of "3-6". If you have quite a few such operations to perform in your text, you can automate it slightly by using the following macro:

Sub RefListToRange() Selection.Font.Hidden = True Selection.Collapse (wdCollapseEnd) Selection.TypeText Text:="–" End Sub

Select the portion you want to hide (such as ",4,5,") and the macro does the hiding and adds the dash.

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