In a works cited page in MLA format, when citing a book part of the citation is, for example,

Stewart, James. Calculus: Early Transcendentals. [EDITION] ed. Belmont: Brooks/Cole, 2009. Print.

This calculus textbook is the AP edition of the Sixth edition of the textbook. Should [EDITION] be written as "AP ed. Sixth ed."?

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The Library of Congress has another edition and cite it as: "7th ed., alternate ed.".

Without knowing how the main title page (as a librarian that's the most important source for cataloging a book) or other parts of the book look like, I'd say it is the 6th ed. of the AP ed.: "6th. ed, AP ed.".

I recommend going to your next academic library and asking a librarian/cataloger on-site.

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