Here's a question that's nagging me. I want to cite different authors from one edited anthology in Harvard style inline citations. Note, this is not for one particular quote, but throughout the paper I want to cite one author here and then another there. Do I just use the editor's name for the inline citation (Jones, ed. 2016: 114) or do I cite the particular author each time I do this (Robinson in Jones, ed., 2016: 114) in order to give each author I use his/her due?


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For Harvard referencing, you would use the following:

Surname author, Initial(s) (Year) 'Title of chapter', in Surname editor, Initial(s) (ed.) Book title in italics. Edition. Place: Publisher, page.


Beizer, J.L. and Timiras, M.L. (1994) 'Pharmacology and drug management in the elderly', in Timiras, P.S. (ed.) Physiological basis of aging and geriatrics. 2nd edn. Boca Raton: CRC Press, pp. 279-284.

This site here has a handy reference guide for numerous publication types.

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