What word suggests the phenomenon of a man who has a broken heart? He feels like he has nothing to lose. This man will take unnecessary risks for the reward because death doesn't mean much to this broken man. There doesn't even have to be a reward just the feeling of taking the risk gets him off.

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  • What word will describe this phenomenon? I know a lot of men that have gone through this.
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  • Careless crossing of the street during heavy traffic.
  • If a good man, could help out someone in trouble for e.g: to fight off an armed thug in an alley.
  • Pick fights, get beaten up but doesn't let go until passed out.
  • Self abuse by using excessive alcohol, drugs, unprotected sex.
  • Fast driving (but this is probably too boring).
  • Gambles without restraint.

Not sure if you are looking for behavioral tendencies or words that would describe him, I'll go ahead and list a few of the latter.

Desolate, Devastated, Depressed, Wretched, Heavy-Hearted, woeful, Heartsick, Despairing, Indifferent, Apathetic, or Fatalist. Hope this helps :)

  • Nice I like those, especially Heartsick. I stumbled on "Blasé" after checking out some synonyms from your list. "Dispirited" came to mind after reading your examples. Thank You!
    – KNG
    Commented Mar 4, 2016 at 18:42

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