I asked a question here that I need some more details for.

I'm trying to compile I bunch of text files, and I want the names of those files in the footer. Like the answerer suggested, I added a custom metatag for each text file named blah which had the value of the name of the story. But when I got to compile, and I add <$blah> as something I want in the header, I just get a document that doesn't interpret that variable at all. It just says <$blah> brackets and dollar sign and all.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Or another way to accomplish this same thing?

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Hm, I think what you are trying to do, is to use a metatag like a Scrivener placeholder tag. I don't think it will work this way.

Maybe the placeholder tag <$projecttitle> will do the trick?


I can't seem to figure this one out but some people on the Scrivener Forum do seem to have solved it ---- Custom MetaData in Compile.

Hopefully you can duplicate their results.

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