I use Scrivener to write almost anything and recently got into writing Tex for University submissions and papers. Recently I hit the problem that most Exercise Sheet for my University are numbered like this:

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

and the next sheet will start with Exercise 3 and so on. When I now use my typical workflow for Latex it will be exported like this:

1. Exercise 1
    1.1 a
    1.2 b
2. Exercise 2
    2.1 a

This isn't exactly nice. I know that this is due to the fact that scrivener seems to use \chapter{}and \section{}instead of \chapter*{}and \section*{}, but is there a nice, not so hacky-way to change this behavior? Maybe some preference I missed? I don't want to change all of the syntax of my tex before every compilation.

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I am not an expert here but in exploring how to use LaTex and Scrivener I found this article on WordPress.com website created by a UK doctoral candidate - Replacements for easy LaTeX inclusion in Scrivener.

Hopefully it will help.

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