I want to add a code viewer in Google Blogger like in image given below. How can I add it please help.

Code viewer

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There is no native way to do this in Blogger it appears (ie - no button you can click on the editor toolbar to insert a block of formatted code) - however, there are plugins and css / javascript solutions you could try - some of those programmatic solutions can be found here in StackOverflow that discusses this at length:


Another solution: http://rusya7.blogspot.com/2015/02/how-to-insert-code-blocks-in-blogger.html

Good luck!


Just choose html mode, then write

<code> some code </code>

Then switch back to the normal mode, the paste your codes in replace of the "some code"

  • The only thing to note on this solution is it won't add a 'template' as the OP inquired about; it's a pretty vanilla solution. The nice thing is this is a semantic HTML solution with no scripts needed, but at the end of the day really just changes the font of the code.
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Hilite.me is a good quick way. Copy/paste the HTML code then into your blog post. You might need to switch from Compose View to HTML View.

Alternatively I like to copy/paste from my code editor Visual Studio Code. (no need to switch to HTML View) This will take over the coloring/ syntax highlighting from your editor. It might work as well with other Editors.

If I have bigger portion of code, I like to create a public gist and paste the embed HTML code in the HTML code of the blog.

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To add code snippet or examples in your blogs, you can use:

  1. Block Codes
  2. planetB Syntax highlight code
  3. Code Blocks Add-ons for Google Doc
  4. markup.su Highlighter
  5. halite.me
  6. Github gist
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