I am writing a third person story, the opening contains a short tram ride which the main character is on, how can I write such a scene without just writing;

The tram moved forward another 100 metres and $main_character saw something.


Go ride a tram. you'll answer your own question within 10 mins.

Alternatively, use the moment to give the reader something useful. Otherwise you're just wasting everyone's time.

Set location:

He watched as they slid past an open-air market, with eager, healthy-looking traders boasting tables of blah blah blah...

Set mood:

The tram wheels ground against old steel, dragging Sven yard by yard to his fate...

Define character:

Those kids spoke again. Their shrill, excited voices annoying every passenger except Agnes. She could listen to that sound for hours...

Advance plot:

The tram rolled past a scene of sudden urgency, with police officers unloading from three black cars...

And if none of those fit, get it over with quickly:

A moment later...

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