I'm looking for an (online) tool to convert a long list of DOI's (1000+) into citation information. There are several tools that let you enter one DOI at a time, such as doi2bib or Crossref but those would take too much time. I found one batch converting tool from the NCBI, but unfortunately it only works for medical publications (which these aren't). I would be fine with any type of citation style (I can process it to my needs).

Any help would be appreciated!

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I haven't tested this (which would require registering with them and obtaining an ID), but CrossRef provides a web service that appears to do what you need. From the documentation:

Crossref query:


Like metadata queries, DOI query results are returned in XML format.

Once you have a username and password, you can construct a query URL for each DOI. You'll then need to invoke that URL. If I were doing this once I'd probably generate a shell script to call curl once per DOI and run it from the command line; if I expected to do this on a regular basis I might (coax somebody to) write a nicer client interface.

Note that that API is going to return XML; I presume it's the same XML that you get through the one-DOI-at-a-time web interface that you linked.


Wikipedia offers citation tools that generate citations from DOIs. You might see how those tools work, and whether you can use them outside Wikipedia.

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