I am trying to locate agents in my area of writing, so as to better target the limited amount of queries I'm sending. There are several other writers writing in similar genres/niches, and I would be interested in contacting their agents, who clearly have an affinity for this area of writing. Short of directly tweeting/emailing these authors to ask for their agents (which strikes me as discourteous/unprofessional), is there a database of authors and their agents I could consult?

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Look at The Complete Idiot's Guide to Finding a Literary Agent (http://www.penguin.com/static/pages/cig/quickguides/literary-agent.php), it lists lists of agents.


In most books, the author will have an acknowledgements page or two, and they almost always include the name of their agent. A few other helpful places to look:

  1. Acknowledgements page in the back of the author's book
  2. aaronline.org (AAR is an association of agents that requires a certain level of ethics, e.g. no reading fees)
  3. Writers Digest's Guide to Literary Agents and Writers Market
  4. Look for big conferences in your genre - they usually have visiting agents. (For example, I write thrillers, so I looked at the International Thriller Writers conference page where they listed agents coming to the conference.)
  5. BIG ONE Look at Publishers Marketplace. They have a listing of all agents, authors, book deals, etc. that are going on right now in the industry. It does cost a little, but it is definitely worth it.

find a copy of

2015 Guide to Literary Agents - Sambuchino, Chuck


2015 Writer's Market - Robert Lee Brewer


AgentQuery.com has a searchable directory of agents that can be filtered by genre and/or keyword.

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