I am considering selling work to "Shoreline of Infinity" however they say

We buy first digital and print world rights in English, but your rights are returned to you after 6 months of original publication (digital or print).

I am not familiar with this specific terminology and am unsure if I would be giving up too much or if I have first sold to regional publications if I am no longer offering what they are looking for.

Is this the same as asking for First World English Print Rights? Or am I able to sell First British, First North American etc and then sell them Generic (second) World Rights?

I understand that as I am being asked for digital rights I am unlikely to make any sales after selling to this publication so I need to know exactly what I am being asked for so I know what sales (if any) I can make first.

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They purchase the right to be the first to publish your work in English anywhere in the world in those formats. You would not be able to sell first rights in English anywhere in the world after that.

ETA: I am not a lawyer.

  • I guessed that they were demanding that they get to go first in the English speaking world but would that also stop me later selling, say, First Australian Serial Rights? Commented Jul 7, 2015 at 0:38

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