I have been trying to go through Mayfield Book on Technical Writing to find out how to do an in-text and parenthetical citation of a source that I found online. The source looks like a report with statistics, facts and bar-charts with figures in education -- but nowhere is it mentioned that this a report. The source at the end of it mentions the following:

How to cite this product:
Turbo. Turbo Quick Take: Bridging the gender gap. New York: Turbo, 2012.

Are the following citations correct?

Key indicators such as segregation and suggest that the situation might be improving (Turbo, 2012).


As stated in the Turbo (2012) report, ...

If not, what would be the correct way to cite this source?

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In the Bibliography:

Turbo. (2012). Turbo quick take: Bridging the gender gap. New York: Turbo. Available online at http://www.whereveryoufoundit.com/path/to/document.pdf

In text:

(Turbo, 2012, p. 7)

Google for the Purdue Online Writing Lab, or pick up a copy of the APA Manual at your local public library.

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