For example, Heading 1 is automatically typeset as Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Title. I would like to change this to Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Title however. How can I achieve this? I'm using Word 2013.

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For the "Chapter 1 - ..." portion, you'd want to right-click the Heading style, then click Format >> Numbering >> Define New Number Format, and then set the Number format as "Number 1 - "

For the "chapter title" portion, you'd want to define a "SUBJECT" field code (say) in the header, and then refer to that field code in the document.

  1. So in the header, go Header & Footer Tools >> Quick Parts >> Field
  2. Under Field Names, choose Subject, then type the New subject text that should appear (i.e., the chapter title).
  3. At this point, you can use [Alt + F9] to toggle the field.
  4. Exit out of the header, and on a line in your document, go Insert >> Quick Parts >> Document Property >> Subject.
  5. This will place an instance of the resulting field, which (when selected) will have a Subject tag.
  6. For the Subject tag that you just placed, assign the Header style, such that the result is "Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Title"

Unfortunately, Word doesn't let you simply paste that Subject tag into the Number format field (it turns into plain text, stipping off the field code). However, if you create a blank document with the basic fields that you need, then you can use that as a template for each new chapter you create.

When working with fields, if a field isn't updating, then you can typically right-click and choose Update Field to force the update.

As an alternative to clicking through the Quick Parts menu, the keyboard shortcut is [Alt + i + f] (i.e., Alt insert field, which is the old school menu shortcut that still works).

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