I'm writing a master thesis for my master in economics.

Given that the thesis is not expected to be too much formal (the master itslef is very practical and little theoretical) I want to use good conventions.

So far this is the formatting I used:

  • main title "Thesis of ...": Arial 16pt
  • Abstract subtitle: Times New Roman 12pt
  • Abstract content: Times New Roman 11pt, justified
  • Heading 1 (main sections of the paper): Arial 14 bold
  • Heading 2 (sections of the paper, corresponding to Headings 1): Arial 12 bold
  • Content of each sections (Headings 2): Times New Roman 12pt justified . The content is starting after a blank line

How can I improve the formatting to make the paper looking professional? Thanks in advance

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    Does your university have any guidelines or a favorite style guide? Jan 7, 2015 at 1:59

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Your academic department may have posted guidelines for this. For example, the Rutgers Graduate school has posted an Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Style Guide, complete with sample pages. They suggest an easy-to-read font in 10-12 point type, but other schools may have different requirements.

Many schools may require that you use an existing style guide, such as APA style, MLA style, or the Chicago Manual of Style. These will probably be available for use in a local library.

Your school may use one of these, or it may have posted its own style guide, or use a hybrid of them. Check with your department website and your department advisor; they will be the final arbiter.

  • as far as I know there are no guidelines. I will send them an e-mail. I just wondered if there existed any good practice
    – dragonmnl
    Jan 7, 2015 at 12:38

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