What's the difference between Cut and Cut to and where to put each one?

I know both are put between scenes-sluglines but what is the difference between the usage of the two?


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I've never seen CUT on its own in a script before, so I honestly can't imagine where you'd use it...

CUT TO:s are rare in today's scripts. Years ago you'd use them above a new slugline. (Or FADE TO: or DISSOLVE TO: or whatever transition you wanted to use; but these choices are now considered to be the director's prerogative.

The transition would always be in the right hand margin, just above the new slug. So:

Piers walks into a bar. It's an iron bar.
                                                                   CUT TO:

The NURSE swabs his head.

Generally they're not used any more. So you'd see

Piers walks into a pub. It's an iron pub.


The LANDLORD looks dumbfounded; that joke obviously makes no sense to him.

The other place that you might want to use one is within a scene if the cut's not obvious from context.

                                                                   CUT TO:
A hand sticking out from some rubble. 

And finally, of course, they can be used when your script is over.

                                                             CUT TO BLACK.                       

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