Someone asked on Quora I want to write my autobiography. How do I start?

I have given following answer,

You must be remembering lots of things when you were young. Just try to list them as you remember those. Do it for 10-15 days. You will have enough stuff to craft your Childhood journey.

Include memories from friend circle, sports ,hobby or passtime.

Then move ahead to do same thing with your school/college and profession.

Do not forgot to mention what you have learned along the way (Life lessons).

Mention name of people who made you


Ask your parents or grandparents, they will definitely remember your childhood better than you.

I am not very satisfied with quality of chosen words, and writing style. How should I improve this?

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I just rewrote your answer with more complicated words and combined a few sentences and now it seems to sound better. I also made the prompts look less like dialogue and more like prompts. Additionally, I dissolved the "(life lessons)" into the sentence it is concerning.

Try to recall memories from your youth, and write them down as you remember them for 10-15 days. Be sure to include memories of your friends, sports you played, and hobbies you enjoyed.

Do the same for your experiences in school, college, and in your profession. Remember to include important life lessons you have learned and people who capacitated you.

Now ask your parents or grandparents, and you will find that they remember their childhood better than you do.

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