I am searching for a good comprehensive (up-to-date) reference that covers not only English grammar and syntax (from an advanced standpoint) but also (actually mainly) matters of intrinsically stylistic nature that are relevant to writers. Which such volume would you recommend? Recommendations might be divided as follows:

  • general writing;
  • "literary artwork";
  • sciences and mathematics.

Please, support your claims with solid background. Thank you.

Note: this question is ment as a [big-list]


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For American English, Strunk & White or Garner's MAU.

For British English, Fowler (updated edition) or style guides from the Guardian, Economist or BBC.

xkcd: Strunk and White
Source: http://xkcd.com/923/ (image licensed CC BY-NC 2.5)

See also: 'Style guide' @ Wikipedia (scroll down for a big list)