I just volunteered to produce the concert program booklets for a recital series starting in October and I'm wondering what is the best way to go about creating a multi-page booklet that would include things like program notes, performer biographies, the evening's selections, some advertisements, contributor lists, and more odds and ends.

I suppose I could do battle with Microsoft Word, but when I used it some years back to produce a physics instructor's manual I suffered greatly. Are there online tools I could learn to use that might do this job? Is there a Google Drive tool that would work for this?

I have a habit of reinventing the wheel and working too hard instead of finding out the easy way to do things, so I'd appreciate any advice before I start.

Added--Thanks for the Scribus suggestion! I downloaded it into my Mac and got it working rather quickly. I started working through the tutorial and see that there are quite a few differences between versions that make it a little hard to know where to look for a box to check for this or that, but I think I can learn to use this to good effect if I put in the time ...


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Well, in my case, fandom magazine, we decided to put the final layouting inside Scribus which is open source and available for all operating systems.

For documents sharing, we use Facebook closed group, becase it offers:

  • Document upload (for writing texts we use either Libre Office or MS Ofice)
  • Discussion for every document version
  • And of course, document version support
  • And, Everyone is on Facebook nowadays ;)

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