To my understanding you can only edit the header and footer through the compile settings. Here we can customise using tokens:-


So on... What I would really like is to have facing pages which I have set up correctly and have headers such as:-

Page number | Chapter 1 : Sub title

Here is where it gets slightly complicated. I don't want this on my chapter headings. The options Scrivener gives are:-

  1. No header on first page and pages following page breaks.
  2. No header or footer on single pages.


Lets say I have a chapter description and it goes over one page, this invalidates number 2.

Page breaks, by using this the layout gets quite messy and the headings will appear as:-

Page number | Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 Binder title

If anyone can advise a possible solution, perfect.

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Far be it from me to disagree with the Scrivener staff, but I have been doing this very thing with my PDF. Here's the basics of my setup.

  • PDF output using Printing layout
  • In the Formatting section, Level 1 folders are configured to always start on a recto page. (Under the Section Layout button, then First Page tab.)
  • In the Page Settings section...
    • Header and Footer tab
      • My desired header and footer are typed in the center boxes
      • No header on first page and pages following page breaks is checked.
      • No header or footer on single pages is not checked.
    • First Pages tab
      • I put a single space in the header and footer center text boxes
      • Different first page header/footer is checked.
      • Page numbers count first pages is checked.
      • Start regular header and footer is set to Page 4.
    • Facing Pages tab
      • Same header and footer text from the first tab is in the center text boxes
      • Use facing pages is checked.

And here is how it comes out on mine...

Hope this helps.

Chapter Headers No Chapter Headers

  • Hey @Josh thank you for taking the time to give a detailed answer and a solution. I will give this a go as soon as I get the chance. Thanks. +1
    – Mark
    Dec 19, 2014 at 11:24

Response from Scrivener Staff:

I'm afraid that there are limits to how much headers and footers can be customised from within Scrivener itself and you've hit up against that. While Scrivener is capable of creating verso headers and footers (right and left), and it can create a different header/footer style for the "first pages" of the manuscript, it cannot create a separate header/footer for the first page of each chapter.

I'm afraid this level of customisation would have to be done by compiling to Word and making the changes there.

Credits go to: Jeff


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