Okay, there are like a billion outliners out there but I'm not sure if there is one that does what I want. Maybe you can help.

  • I want to write chunks of text without headline, numbering, bullets. Just text like in a text editor, one sentence/paragraph/fragment after another.
  • One chunk of text should appear immediately below the other. Also just like text in a text editor window.
  • I want to be able to create columns of annotations that represent the story throughlines, e.g. one column for the protagonist's outer quest, one column for his inner development, one for the antagonist, one for the romance, and so on.
  • I want to be able to drag each row of outline+annoations to anywhere else in the document, or copy/paste it.
  • I want to be able to copy only the outline text without annotations and paste it into a separate text document so you can read, print or mail it around.
  • It would be perfect but I guess no software has this feature if I could draw arrows from any part of the document to any other.

Here is what the working area should look like. Done in Excel, which does what I want, but which I hate because it is so visually unappealing and constantly reminds me that I'm writing text into a software that was made to deal with data.

enter image description here


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Apples own Numbers app is what you looking for, it's excel injected with desktop publishing steroids. Else there is omnioutliner one of the best there is for this exact requirement...

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