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Keeping my politics out of my writing An LGBT main character, but the book isn't about LGBT issues

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Keeping my politics out of my writing

So I'm in the very early stages of plot development on a new story. It focuses on a (nonbinary, hence the they/them pronouns) witch named Kem who recently discovered their powers and met some friendly demons. It's kind of an action-fantasy book, and it's not about any real world issues, it's about Kem navigating the world they've recently been introduced to and fighting evil and stuff like that.

The book isn't about the fact that Kem is nonbinary, it just so happens that that's who Kem is, and I'm not trying to focus on LGBT issues or nonbinary rights or activism or anything, I'm just casually including an MC that's nonbinary. So how do I prevent the story from taking a turn into political discussions? Is there a way to avoid talking about LGBT issues when my MC is LGBT? Is it smart to avoid it, and by avoiding it does it seem like I'm being lazy or trying to not offend people?