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Top new questions this week:

Working backwards from "Delete the people, keep the math and jazz." (SciFi short story)

I'm a great lover and a modest consumer of the short story genre. But I've precious little experience writing fiction. A line just popped into my head while listening to music and working problem in ...

fiction technique short-story brainstorming inspiration  
asked by uhoh Score of 4
answered by EDL Score of 3

How to express a foreign language's regionalisms while writing in English?

I plan to collect and compile my parents' and grandparents' stories from northeastern Brazil into historical fiction in English. That region of the country is very different from what is typically ...

historical-fiction accent  
asked by evan Score of 4

How can I write a young adult character as very excited without sounding like a child?

I want to show my young adult main character, as being very enthusiastic and excitable about her interests, mainly I want her to make a big deal about wanting to wear her mother's ceremonial (but ...

fiction characters description  
asked by ProseFerret Score of 3
answered by Amadeus Score of 3

Is it an odd concept for a superhero with superhuman powers to use technology/gadgets and also rely on tech?

In fiction, it's usually human superheroes without powers like Batman or Green Arrow, that use tech or depend on tech to make up for their lack of superpowers. Not all metahumans are bulletproof, but ...

fiction fantasy science-fiction magic-system magic  
asked by Edock Edock Score of 2
answered by DWKraus Score of 4

Tips for brainstorming solutions to plot holes & worldbuilding

Coming up with ideas for where I want a plot to go & what I want to happen to my characters is easy, but then I find myself asking all kinds of things, like ‘Why’ or ‘How;’ and as a result, I get ...

world-building process brainstorming  
asked by user55411 Score of 1
answered by Mousentrude Score of 1

What to expect from the editing process

So I finished my very first novel and decided that I want to get an editor for the manuscript. I found someone offering their services online through a trusted platform and contacted them but now I'm ...

fantasy editing first-time-author  
asked by Malek Score of 1
answered by Amadeus Score of 2

What do I need to keep in mind when writing a "pilot" episode for a series?

I've been working on a series. However, the series is very long and incomplete, so it's difficult to get feedback on it from others. So I’ve been considering writing a “pilot” episode. A short story ...

plot structure short-story screenwriting planning  
asked by user2352714 Score of 1
answered by Wyvern123 Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you explain that the people talking English in a comic books are talking in another language than English?

How do you explain that the people talking English in a comic books are talking in another language than English? Let's say in panel 1, 2 and 4 the people don't talk in English but the dialogues are ...

language comics  
asked by Sayaman Score of 17
answered by towr Score of 26

The "Rules" of Writing

There are a lot of axioms that get tossed around in creative writing courses, books on writing, and of course, the Internet. Often, these little gems are explained to new writers as though they were ...

technique style rules  
asked by sjohnston Score of 218
answered by sjohnston Score of 72

What is the difference between memo writing and business letter writing?

What is the difference between memo writing and business letter writing? Memo and business letters both are informal reports, so what is the main difference?

asked by Hajra Zamir Score of 2

The protagonist can't defeat the antagonist without the antagonist being stupid

What should I do if my story's plot is built around the antagonist being extremely strong, and by the end it's clear that the protagonist cannot possibly defeat the antagonist, unless the antagonist ...

asked by clickbait Score of 74
answered by Tony Linde Score of 61

Showing Confusion

My first instinct is to always have a character furrow their eyebrows when confused because that's my personal first instinct, but I feel it's getting overused on my part. What are some other ways to ...

novel showing-telling  
asked by Nicole Skye Score of 6
answered by Chris Score of 8

How to cite an entire paragraph?

How to cite an entire paragraph taken from a book? Is it just writing the paragraph as a separate one and adding (Author, Year) in the end? Will it not imply that only the last sentence in the ...

citations scientific-publishing  
asked by Chethan S. Score of 7
answered by Craig Sefton Score of 12

What are the differences between a script and a screenplay?

There is usually a lot of confusion when it comes to these two terms. Some sources say that there is no (practical) difference between the two while other sources talk of various kinds of differences. ...

style screenwriting script dramatic-writing  
asked by Pravesh Parekh Score of 16
answered by Kirasha Score of 14

Can you answer this question?

Truth in Fiction, Liabilities

Are there guidelines for characters who are based on real people in a fiction novel? For example, I have a character who is patterned after an eccentric local elected official. Of course, different ...

character-development legal  
asked by Kit Score of 1
answered by towr Score of 0
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