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Top new questions this week:

Is having antagonists who believe in Christianity potentially offensive/harmful?

Brought this question from Worldbuilding SE, and still not sure if I’m asking in the right place. If anyone knows a better place to ask, any advice would be appreciated. The world I’m building ...

creative-writing antagonist  
asked by Mark Price 19 votes
answered by WasatchWind 24 votes

When is prosody in fiction too ornate?

I’ve written a very long fiction story titled (over 700 pages) and I am in the second round of editing. It’s a very dark subject: teenage suicide and I’ve written it in epic format (media-res, a ...

asked by Beebok 2 votes
answered by motosubatsu 7 votes

Writing unique character-based dialogue?

I have read this on many sites and articles: "When writing dialogue, you should give every character their own unique dialogue so that it would be recognizable without writing their names." ...

dialogue word-choice videogame  
asked by arian keshvari 2 votes
answered by Michal Burgunder 1 vote

Turn 'Why' into a two syllable word

'Why' is a straight forward question asking the reason for something. "You should go to college." "Why?" Or "Why should I go to college?" BUT... "You should meet my ...

asked by Moly42 1 vote
answered by DWKraus 1 vote

Is it silly to ask a writer to finish my script, but follow my key points

I'm working on a story for a video game I made that's supposed to be made into anime/visual novel, but In the game you kill monsters so there's not much room for character development. I have key ...

screenwriting videogame  
asked by No Thanks 1 vote
answered by Ceramicmrno0b 2 votes

Starting a sentence one word before a new line

I am curious if starting a new sentence right before a new line, in this case leaving only one word before the new line, is correct. I am having trouble explaining even what this situation is, but I ...

technical-writing formatting  
asked by BrettB 1 vote
answered by EDL 2 votes

Does making a young protagonist necessarily mean that it is a children/preteen book?

I don't know why I always like to write things where my MCs are young, and when I say young, I mean from 7 to 14 years old. Maybe it makes it much easier and more comfortable for me to write, ...

asked by Nour Fourti 1 vote
answered by Jedediah 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it permissible to write a short story with little or no dialogue?

We are writing a short story based on the antagonist in our novel, a sort of extended back story if you will. We are now three chapers in and still have not found the need to introduce any dialogue. ...

short-story dialogue  
asked by KD Novels 11 votes
answered by John M. Landsberg 16 votes

Is it wrong if I kill off a black character?

He is one of two supporting characters that die in my screenplay. My wife says I shouldn’t make him black if he’s going to die. Would it be politically incorrect?

screenwriting script ethics  
asked by Marcus Meier 29 votes
answered by Arcanist Lupus 84 votes

How can I describe nervousness?

Becoming nervous in the heat of a situation. Perhaps you witnessed something not for the faint of heart. Like, how would I describe shaky legs without being so boring about it.

creative-writing fiction description  
asked by H. Alley 7 votes
answered by storbror 8 votes

How do I keep the gender of my main character purposely ambiguous?

I'm a newcomer to this community, and have recently started giving serious thought to my first novel. I'm basically working on an idea I had a few years back. It's fiction, has a lot to do with ...

fiction gender pov ambiguity  
asked by Jack Rabbit 39 votes

How to describe an angry voice in dialogue?

I've been looking for a word to describe this tone of voice for a long time but never came across it. Now let me just spread a pinch of context. It's a first person novel, and our protagonist is very ...

fiction style creative-writing novel young-adult  
asked by H. Alley 9 votes
answered by Thomas Reinstate Monica Myron 15 votes

What does Character development actually mean?

I keep hearing the terms "character development" and "characterisation", but I'm still not sure what they mean? How does one "develop" a character?

asked by Shantnu Tiwari 15 votes
answered by Craig Sefton 17 votes

Is there a standard for dealing with lyrics in dialogue and narration in creative writing?

I'm peer-reviewing/editing a paper for a final in my English course and in it, the author has a character singing a song (of the author's creation). The character is singing in dialogue, like so: &...

creative-writing formatting punctuation lyrics  
asked by Ice-9 8 votes
answered by MiraAstar 5 votes
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