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Top new questions this week:

What can I do with a part that I feel is necessary to a story but it's an absolute drudgery?

I've just written such a paragraph: He turned around and started walking to the nearby store. He bought a bread and a yoghurt. Then he came back and gave the groceries to the homeless guy. There are ...

technique narrative  
asked by Rico W 21 votes
answered by DWKraus 54 votes

How to punctuate quotes in paragraphs and multiple quotes used in succession

How would you punctuate quotes for multiple people talking simultaneously in the same paragraph? I.e., They lined up and waited for the last bell of the day and cheered with their tiny voices, "...

punctuation quotes  
asked by CopyPort 3 votes
answered by Preyansh0605 0 votes

Which form of spelling is preferred when publishing for an English speaking audience?

Sample text: Dude had long been sceptical of abrupt changes in weather. (Quoted from an Australian author.) As an American, I was startled to see the alternative spelling of skeptical. Perhaps I am ...

creative-writing fiction self-publishing  
asked by Cheryl 3 votes
answered by Nai54 3 votes

Often, weasel word, and absolutes

I'm writing about large subjects such as human society, human culture, and human behavior. I need to identify and discuss various phenomena, and make specific arguments, but I also want to avoid the ...

asked by Ifitsxori 3 votes
answered by Grace 0 votes

How should a scene in a screenplay be formatted when switching between a re-telling of a story and the story being told?

I have a scene where a character is recounting their side of a story in a courtroom. The character tells a good chunk of their story, and then we see the experiences he is recounting instead of his ...

asked by Christopher Wirt 3 votes
answered by Michal Burgunder 4 votes

In an action scene, what is it called when a flying/thrown object changes rotation quickly after hitting something?

I am writing an action scene in which a character is thrown/falls and while they are flying through the air either the top or bottom half of their body hits an immovable object mid air, causing them ...

word-choice description action  
asked by FrontEnd 2 votes
answered by Arie 2 votes

I'm writing blindly and I need help dealing with it

Writing isn't like drawing, and I can't take a step back and look at it and search for flaws in the story, because it's in my head already, and I know it, and I can't forget it. So when I write I ...

fiction technique revision  
asked by Garessta 2 votes
answered by JonStonecash 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a way I can print a book only for myself?

As selfish as this sounds, I’m really interested in having my own book printed physically for myself. I don’t intend to sell it or distribute it, and I’m primarily interested in having my book that I’...

self-publishing book printing print-on-demand  
asked by Ten 15 votes
answered by Anna A. Fitzgerald 63 votes

Using P.S. in a formal email

I had a quick question in regards to using P.S. I just finished writing up a formal follow-up email for an interview. I touched over a lot of information and brought up some new topics. Anyway, I ...

structure email letter  
asked by Austin 13 votes
answered by micapam 12 votes

Avoiding the "not like other girls" trope?

The "not like other girls" trope is pretty common in young adult fiction, arguably misogynistic, and usually applied to a female protagonist or love interest. Attempts to make a female character ...

creative-writing character-development tropes gender  
asked by weakdna 42 votes
answered by Cyn says make Monica whole 76 votes

Is there a standard for dealing with lyrics in dialogue and narration in creative writing?

I'm peer-reviewing/editing a paper for a final in my English course and in it, the author has a character singing a song (of the author's creation). The character is singing in dialogue, like so: &...

creative-writing formatting punctuation lyrics  
asked by Ice-9 7 votes
answered by MiraAstar 4 votes

How to describe an angry voice in dialogue?

I've been looking for a word to describe this tone of voice for a long time but never came across it. Now let me just spread a pinch of context. It's a first person novel, and our protagonist is very ...

fiction style creative-writing novel young-adult  
asked by H. Alley 9 votes
answered by Thomas Reinstate Monica Myron 15 votes

I accidentally added a character, and then forgot to write them in for the rest of the series

I am a young author writing a fantasy series. When I was looking over my manuscript, I realized that in chapter seven I’d added a character named Autumn. She’s a tiny fairy who rides around on the MCs ...

characters plot subplot  
asked by Hello.There 14 votes
answered by Russell McMahon 6 votes

Referencing figure in text - capitalize the word "Figure" or not? Why?

I see it quite a lot. It looks a bit like this: It can be seen in Figure 3 that... My gut feeling is that there is no reason to scream in the middle of a perfectly calm sentence. I would like to ...

style capitalization  
asked by jonalv 29 votes
answered by Ace 26 votes
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