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Top new questions this week:

Mother is writing a book, thinks writing her life stories is same as telling them

My mother is a celebrity in a small niche world. Her contribution and experiences are wonderful and should be told. She says she can't write a book, so she has settled on a book that is something ...

asked by Perri Teague 29 votes
answered by Gerd 83 votes

Writing Someone Drunk

So I want to write a scene from a teenage girl in 1st-person present tense. She's drunk. I've never been drunk before, so I can't tap into personal experience to make this relatable and/or realistic. ...

creative-writing fiction characters perspective altered-perspective  
asked by Tasch 3 votes
answered by Sciborg 3 votes

Can I use a small part of a real newspaper/online article in fiction?

Can I use a small part of a real newspaper/online article in fiction? Hi everyone I write crime fiction set in my home town, and in my latest novel, a kidnapped woman is left alone in a disused ...

fiction crime  
asked by Jonathan Burgess 3 votes
answered by Adrian - Justice for Monica 7 votes

Free software for complex timelines

I'm searching for a software (bestly free or at least really cheap) for time-lines which: would be easy to use and user friendly will be useful to both dayily (or even hourly) and years, centuries o ...

asked by Lyokoheros 2 votes

format of a song in writing a novel

In my novel, I am writing a scene where my character digs up a memory of a song a lady sung to him in the past. He runs into the lady again, several years later and he is recanting the song to her. ...

creative-writing editing  
asked by Alex 1 vote
answered by S. Mitchell 1 vote

Should the first paragraph after a chapter be indented if it is quoted dialogue?

In my manuscript I generally do not indent the first paragraph following a chapter heading. This generally looks good and reads well with the exception of starting a chapter with quoted dialogue. See ...

asked by Kit MacAllister 1 vote
answered by Robin 3 votes

Is this a tacky ending?

Would you consider a worldwide vote on if the character succeeds to be a tacky ending to a story? The means for the vote to occur are in place, but is it a satisfactory climax to have the protagonist ...

asked by SorenKingsman 1 vote
answered by Arcanist Lupus 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there such a thing as too inconvenient?

I find myself often being irritated at elements in situations that help characters succeed, elements which are also highly unlikely or even illogical. But often, if not more, I find myself angered by ...

plot narrative deus-ex-machina  
asked by A. Kvåle 31 votes
answered by Galastel supports GoFundMonica 46 votes

What's the exact format of letters/text messages inside novels?

The following is from The Fault in Our Stars: If I'm not mistaken, this is the formatting: The font should be half the size of the normal font. They should be indented with twice the indent ...

creative-writing novel formatting  
asked by Alexandro Chen 3 votes
answered by S. Mitchell 5 votes

Does my protagonist need to be the most important character?

In my fantasy story that I'm slowly getting into, my MC Sirena is an apprentice witch. Her two fellow apprentices, Aster and Keeva, study alongside her under their High Priestess, and they all ...

creative-writing characters fantasy protagonist  
asked by weakdna says reinstate monica 20 votes
answered by Silly Goose 25 votes

Is Wikipedia Trustworthy?

So in elementary school, I was told not to use Wikipedia too much because you can't trust what they write. So then for all the projects, I used the Canadian Encyclopedia, but then now, I really would ...

resources research wikipedia  
asked by iiRosie1 59 votes

Using real words from a foreign culture feels like 'Calling a rabbit a "smeerp"'

I'm working on a novel, that's set in pre-Islamic Persia, in the same general way that The Lord of the Rings is set in Britain. (Meaning, it's set in a world all its own, but there's this source of ...

fantasy word-choice language tropes  
asked by Galastel supports GoFundMonica 82 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 101 votes

How do I avoid the "chosen hero" feeling?

In many works of genre-fiction (I'm talking mainly about fantasy and sci-fi, but others genres can apply), and across many forms of media, the main characters ends up being special in some ways. ...

fiction characters genre tropes hero  
asked by Liquid - Reinstate Monica 53 votes
answered by Galastel supports GoFundMonica 54 votes

How to write strategy and schemes beyond my real-life capabilities?

I am interested in how to write compelling schemes, large-scale strategies and tactics etc. There are lots of fictional stories where the characters are amazing strategists, or incredibly ...

asked by theonlygusti 37 votes
answered by Amadeus-Reinstate-Monica 57 votes
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