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Top new questions this week:

Is the genre 'fantasy' still fantasy without magic?

Is writing fantasy novel with no mages, witches, wizards or anything remotely magical a waste of time? Can it still be classified as fantasy?

creative-writing fiction fantasy  
asked by Chagat Nahn 17 votes
answered by AmaiKotori 24 votes

How can one "treat writing as a job" even though it doesn't pay?

I hear this advice a lot: "Treat your writing as a job." But it seems to me that this is easier said/done when it is actually paying off and, thus, one is encouraged to do it. But what if one is being ...

creative-writing authorship  
asked by user394536 7 votes
answered by Ray Butterworth 13 votes

When am I using "I" too much?

Chuck Palahniuk is an author quite well known for writing first-person stories. He has a simple piece of advice for others who wish to do so as well: "Have your narrator say 'I' as little as ...

style grammatical-person  
asked by thanby 4 votes
answered by Amadeus-Reinstate-Monica 2 votes

How to convert non-fiction narrative to monologue

I'm working on an audio book about history, and I've decided to have the audio book recited as a monologue, to make it somewhat more engaging, but I've written the original draft for the book as a ...

style non-fiction viewpoint  
asked by oneseventwonine 3 votes
answered by thanby 1 vote

Will an unrealistic character be out of place among other realistic ones?

Most of the characters in my story are well thought out and have realistic motivations and backstories, as I think most people agree that believable characters are important in writing (if you’re ...

characters character-development world-building  
asked by Grace 2 votes
answered by hszmv 0 votes

Foreign names with complex pronunciations in an English translation

I couldn't find an answer from the SE archives, so here goes. I'm doing a rough translation of a published novel of mine into English (from a Nordic language), and I'm left scratching my head about ...

language translation  
asked by Jav55 1 vote
answered by Rand al'Thor 2 votes

What type of writing do reviews fall under?

I want to improve my ability to not only write better but to be more objective and be better able to analyze something that I am reviewing. Plenty of practice is helping and also reading over reviews ...

journalism reviews  
asked by Dan Hastings 1 vote
answered by Dmann 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Pronouns when writing from the point of view of a robot

For the writing challenge, I'm currently writing from the point of view of a robot. Also another robot is frequently addressed. However I've hit a problem: Referring to the robots as “it” often gives ...

viewpoint gender  
asked by celtschk 20 votes
answered by Thing-um-a-jig 15 votes

Alternative word for "she"

I am writing about a female person. I noticed most of my sentences start with "she". Is there a way to avoid using this pronoun too many times, and use an alternative word instead? I have tried ...

fiction word-choice  
asked by Ari 7 votes
answered by Paul A. Clayton 18 votes

How do I know if a concept is sexist or not?

In my story's world, witchcraft is a respected institution, with the most powerful practitioners being at the top echelons of society. Due to this, society traces its lineage through matrilineal ...

creative-writing world-building gender  
asked by Incognito 68 votes
answered by Standback 135 votes

How do discovery writers hibernate?

I am 20% outliner and 80% discovery writer, (I know many will object that this is not possible) meaning, I have a very brief outline of what is going to happen in the end and then I go on filling the ...

creative-writing psychology-of-writing  
asked by codeNewbie 22 votes
answered by Amadeus-Reinstate-Monica 34 votes

Is it expected that a reader will skip parts of what you write?

I have given multiple things I have written to a friend of mine, who is something of a writer himself, to get feedback on them from him. One of these was a piece of mystery-style fiction, and the ...

technique readers  
asked by Phil 38 votes
answered by TMuffin 55 votes

Are wands in any sort of book going to be too much like Harry Potter?

I am trying to write a magical system, and I love the way that wands are like gunfire and how you flick and attack and it's instant. No weird hand movements or long unwieldy staffs or canes to use. ...

creative-writing fantasy legal world-building copying  
asked by John155jd 16 votes

How do I avoid the "chosen hero" feeling?

In many works of genre-fiction (I'm talking mainly about fantasy and sci-fi, but others genres can apply), and across many forms of media, the main characters ends up being special in some ways. ...

fiction characters genre tropes hero  
asked by Reinstate Monica. 53 votes
answered by Galastel supports GoFundMonica 54 votes
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